Friday, October 28, 2011

Turkey Crisis 2011

This country must be completely over run by turkeys. In fact, maybe the Taliban are really just mean turkeys dressed on towels that have some how found a way to use complex machinery and discovered reasoning skills. I go to the chow hall every evening at the same time (remember routine). Each time I wash my hands stand in line hoping that it's going to be something different. Each day like a kid who finds out there is no Santa I find some kind of turkey product on the line. I mean seriouslly, how is it possible to have a turkey product every day.

Two days ago  for example: For breakfast they had turkey links and turkey bacon. For lunch they had turkey wings and some kind of fried chicken ball with ranch in them (Chad, they aren't that good). Dinner they had breaded turkey cutlets and stuffed peppers. I know what you are thinking. "Hey the stuffed peppers couldn't of had turkey in them, right?" Well you would be wrong and that kind of thinking can get you hurt out here. Well, hurt like, tripping or rolling an ankle kind of hurt, but like a bad roll though. You have to keep ice on it kind of roll, serious stuff out here. 


  1. So with all the turkey are you always tired? I thought prison food was turkey based to keep everyone relaxed and inactive in attempt to keep the trouble down. I'm guessing no turkey jerky in any of the care packages. On the bright side, at least it's usually healthier.

  2. That is SO funny about the turkeys!!! We will have had our fair share of turkeys in less than two weeks, I feel your pain. We miss you so much!!! XO - The Broemans (Mike gives kisses and I give hugs!LOL)

  3. I eat turkey all the time...almost every day...especially if that what I cook for the week