Monday, December 5, 2011

Season of Giving

I think the holiday season brings everyone closer. Its during the holidays that we take a look at what we are most thankful for and enjoy being with our family and friends. Reason for this post is because I was shown a website that soldiers who are deployed could access and ask for things that they may need or want and everyday people back home can then access and send those gifts to soldiers deployed. When I put in my list I never expected to get any of the items. Most of them were new books that I wanted sent to me. I even put on a few video games that I could play that were also new releases I never thought would get sent.

Today, I got several packages from people I have never heard of from all over the country who had taken my requests and sent me some of the items I asked for (Justin: some family from Texas sent me Assassins Creed: Revelations!). This inspired me, people unknown to me would have that kind of generosity to send me these gifts and thanking me for my service and they all came in on the same day.

So, I ask for that same generosity. If you are planning on getting me a gift this season (which I would expect all of you are or at least better be! I am fighting for freedom over here!!!! :-) Go to this website and give a soldiers a nice holiday and a gift they want while they are deployed. Make a small contribution and if my generosity has inspired you and you still want to send me a gift I can understand and will still except gifts.

SCENE: Several Moment have passed....

Okay, so I just talked to Korin to tell her how nice these people were and found out that I should of told her that I sent this list out of things I would of liked because people were looking for gift ideas to send me something. Sorry everyone, I am a guy and I wasn't thinking. I gave Korin a new list in case you still want to send me something.

For all those I love and cherish, please have a wonderful holiday. I miss you all so much.

P.S. Is it just me or did I pick a good time to vacation in Afghanistan. The Browns are getting really hard to watch!

P.S.S. It just got really really cold....its like I am trapped on Hoth! Anyone? Anyone? Trapped on the planet Hoth? Ahhh you know what I am saying...its cold.