Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Okay so Sunday it was 70 degrees and sunny with some clouds, but lots of sunshine. I don't have to say there was wind, because there is always wind. When you ask me how is the weather is just say in your brain after I say its hot/cold/nice/rainy etc. and windy. 

Today it dropped down to 30 degrees and like most of the Afghanistan workers that clean the port o johns caught me completely off guard. I even said this morning that I loved the weather because it was a really nice cool day (with wind). Then it drops like a brick and I can't pull my cold weather gear out of my duffel bag fast enough. 

Interesting sidenote: I had a corn dog for dinner today and what I think may have been meatloaf. Outcome: both were good. Search of a good cheeseburger: Unsuccessful. 

SSG Hoskinson, Charles
APO AE 09382

Another off topic, if you want to send me something. Please send me anything, nothing is off limits, except for porn/drugs/guns. Don't send me PDG and everything is good. What to send me? Anything! It really doesn't matter. Getting mail is like the only surprise I get while I am here and unless you are putting your child's poo or your animals poo and sending me that (I am watching you Justin) I do not care. I dont' like candy that much but I have a weak spot for M&M's (peanut, plain, dark chocolate). Snacks, drink mixes, books, magazines, fresh made cookies (I love chocolate chip made from scratch) or even a note in a card. It doesn't matter, everyone likes getting mail.

Since I covered that and none of these words have anything to do with the title, I just had a smile at it and thought of Ace Ventura jumping around in the jeep singing to that fat guy. Someone gets some extra freedom this weekend if they can tell me the fat guys name in the movie!


  1. Hey, Bob Bachmann here...Fat guy in the jeep was Fulton Greenwall, I think, played by Ian McNeice. He was a British correspondent working for a provincial consulate in the fictional African country of Nibia. Fairly certain the above facts are correct...oh, um…ok...yeah...I've never seen the movie, but..."there's and app for that" (IMBd)....do I still win?

  2. No matter the means, what matters are results. Extra freedom for Bob this weekend. So, feel free to run him down in your car or throw bricks at him he will be un-phased by all the freedom. Good job Bob!