Thursday, November 10, 2011

My room?

 Okay I kind of figured out my camera issue. In the first installment of "Holy crap, I am in Afghanistan!" The pictures you are viewing are of my room. It is actually so small that I had to take  the picture from an aerial view, it is hard to tell if the pictures came out or not. These were the best two I could get. So, my bed is the left in this first picture. When it gets really windy the tent smack's me in the face as I sleep. All in all a good place to rest. (refer to last post about wind) If you are slow...I am constantly getting smacked in the face.                    

My desk is on the left. Korin should take note of the fan which I turn on every night regardless of the temperature. Who doesn't like cool air hitting their face when they sleep.

Important thing to remember is that I have some privacy. I have a make shift sliding door and a place to call home.

Man, my home sucks.............



  1. Buddy I love the fact that the blanket in that picture is the same blanket from college. Also how you say you have the fan blowing on you at night becuase you like it cold. That reminds me of freshman year when you opened the window in the dead of winter and I woke up with snow in my bed. Good times.

  2. Michael said...
    GD thats awesome...its like a blanket fort...and how great are those! on the bright side at least you dont have a roomate...keep your head up brother