Friday, October 28, 2011

Routine Routine Routine

I find that in all military matters, no matter how unbelievably awful a situation can be. Its important to always find a routine and stick with it. Even on the simplest days you will find the routine can help make the day go by faster. I am starting to find that routine as the days go by.

With the first baby on the way I find it very sad to miss so much of the pregnancy. To be there for my wife for the small things can make things harder. Considering the technological advances of our society I couldn't imagine being deployed during another time when computers and Facebook weren't wonderful ways of communicating and regular mail was considered the norm.

So, I check on her everyday when I can and we do our best to email when we have time because being that this will be the longest we have ever been apart. If we don't stick to the routine we will only make this so much harder. Believe me it is so much harder. 

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  1. Thinking of you often back home. Glad to hear you are finding comfort in routine and I will say it is nice to hear tidbits straight from you! Also, you are my hero...of course for your service, but more so because of the oh so wonderful camel spiders you mentioned. I'd be out in a flash! Gross! Welp, I am bored at home and Bernie misses you....I know how much you miss him, lol. Take care buddy! Let us know if you need anything...and I mean anything.'re having a intuition tells me so.
    PPS...Michaels going to read this and make fun of me.