Saturday, October 1, 2011


 Korin came out for my four day pass that we were given before we left for Afghanistan. We may never get another chance to be in Seattle so we decided to take full advantage. The picture on the left is from Pike's Place Market. It had amazing vendors and one of the largest markets I have ever been to. Even the smell of large fresh fish that seemed to line the streets didn't diminish the busy market.
The picture on the right was taken from a memorial in Seattle that was honoring those men and women in the state of Washington that had given their lives in past American wars. Along with the names, they had engraved letters from soldiers that they had sent to their loves ones. Korin found this one from a soldier to his sweetheart. I think it fits.

 Surprise, surprise it's not sunny in Seattle. It basically looks like a gloomy mess most days, but Korin did take cool pictures of the needle. We took the picture right then because, at the time, we weren't sure if we would find it again. We kept getting turned around and a little lost. Google maps kept telling us that landmarks were closer than they were. A mile away was fine, till we walked the mile and Google updated and it was actually three miles away.
This picture was taken at the top of the Space Needle. We decided to have dinner there because we figured we may not have another chance to make it this far West. The rotating room and the night view of Seattle was amazing. The food on the other hand was dreadful. Anyone who makes a stop in this city, stay away from the restaurant. Pay a few dollars for the ride up, and there is a small cafe at the observation deck.

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