Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh Bread

Um, don't mind the mess. It wasn't as dirty as you might think inside.  Well, no reason to  hold the truth back. It was very dirty on the inside. 
 Man, writing a blog can get away from you if you don't stick with it. Well, finally got a charger for my camera so I can start posting a few pictures. Picture on the top is a bakery that's located on the Airbase closer to the Afghan National Army side. These men wake up every morning and bake flat bread all day. Its an interesting process, they take the flattened dough and lay it on a slick wood board and smack it up on the top of a wood burning oven they made themselves.

The pictures to the left shows some of the bread that was smacked up onto the ceiling and left to bake. When it has finished they peel them off the ceiling of pick them up out of the coals after they have falling down from the top of the stove. 

This picture shows them punching holes into the bread after they have flattened it out. You can get it with or without sugar. Also, I have no idea what each piece of bread costs. Seems that when you hand them any denomination of money they just tell you to take some bread. So, either I am getting swindled because I didn't take enough bread or I am raking these nationals over the coals because I can carry a lot of flat bread in one trip. We did go over to the bakery for a purpose. A few soldiers and I went over to take them some scarfs that were made by a church back home, that wanted to see us pass them out to some of the locals. You can kind of see the red scarf in the picture. They were appreciative, but in my opinion I think they were just humoring us wealthy Americans. All is well in the mountains of Afghanistan, I will post some pictures later of my little area I work out of. Miss everyone!

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  1. Good to hear you got your camera charger. Leah wanted me to ask if the bread is good and is it better with or without sugar?